Born in 1986 in Dijon, in the east of Burgundy, Bruno Isnardon has cultivated his curiosity about images from childhood.

The images we have of ourselves, those we project onto others, those we take at the end…with the shutter release.

After his filmmaking studies, he worked for five years making instructional videos for a web platform providing academic support. This process honed his multidisciplinary skills and kindled an attraction for getting messages across, and Isnardon became a keen amateur photographer inspired by travel and urban explorations.

He then decided to leave Paris in order to build a new life in Lyon as a full-time artistic photographer. He would go on to develop his photography through installations, initially using the scanner as a photographic plate to devise compositions in which form is privileged over content. In nurturing his art through experimentation, he was inspired by the sense of geometry evident in the works of Marc Riboud or Berenice Abbot.

Without photographing people, he placed them at the heart of his artistic outlook.

After having been selected as a finalist for the HSBC Photography Award in 2015, chaired by François Cheval, for his series ÀQuoi on joue ? [What are we playing at?],he further developed this work into a photographic account that renders homage to the combatants of the two World Wars.

Now promoting his work in collaboration with the KO21 Gallery (Paris 20th), he is exploring the idea of our place in the universe with Les Pieds sur terre, [Feet on the Ground]a scientific exploration of the distant universe through the capturing of nearby phenomena.